SiteGround Renewal Discount: Save Money On Renewals

Are you one of those users that are looking for a SiteGround Renewal Discount? Transparency of pricing is certainly a big factor when it comes to choosing the right Web Host for hosting one’s website. The renewals are pretty high in SiteGround Hosting which is why a lot of users are actually looking for a SiteGround renewal coupon.

After all, we can’t really make the most out of our hosting account as long as we are paying more than a lot. Despite the fact that SiteGround Hosting is pretty much considered to be a very reliable web hosting, the increased renewals charges for its SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans have greatly disappointed the users over the last few years.

SiteGround Renewal Discount

Recently, SiteGround has increased the renewals even further and this is the reason that a lot of SiteGround users are actually looking for a SiteGround renewal coupon code. In this post, we will offer you the best solution to help you break out of this high renewal pricing of SiteGround Hosting.

If you are searching like SiteGround renewal 30% off code, such codes never exist and you are probably expecting way too less and with our solution, you can save more than 70%. Do you find it too hard to believe but tell me something… aren’t you excited? Let’s start!

Why SiteGround Renewals Expensive?

Needless to say, SiteGround hosting renewal prices have always been a major concern for the users. As a matter of fact, most the users get pretty carried away by the exclusively low price that SiteGround offers its plans at. Of course, there’s absolutely no denying that SiteGround has the right mix of the essential hosting features and also, the features are pretty reliable.

However, most of the users don’t really care much to inquire about the renewals in the beginning and they only realize the fact that the SiteGround renewal pricing is pretty high while it’s time for them to pay for the first renewal.

By the time they realize it, they already have a smoothly running website which is why they are somewhat tangled up in a dilemma of whether or not they should transfer their website to a better host. In fact, the SiteGround renewals have largely gone up by 2018. The renewal price of the StartUp plan has increased from $9.95 to $11.95, the renewal price of the GrowBig plan has increased from $14.95 to $19.95 and the renewal price of the GoGeek plan has increased from $29.95 to $34.95.

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SiteGround Promo Code Never Exists and Here’s an Alternative Solution

No, No. We’re not recommending HostGator or Bluehost, a typical SiteGround user already know their performances.

If you are wondering about the same question, it’s pretty normal to feel that way. However, the answer will certainly get you a lot of relief as there’s definitely a way out of this for you and it is by choosing FastComet.

The reason I recommend FastComet is that I have been using this hosting platform for a long time and I find its features as promising and dependable as much in SiteGround and guess what, its plans are not only cheap but also, they have the same renewals as the buying prices are for though out the lifetime.

For instance, if you buy the ScaleRight plan for $5.95/mo, it will continue to be the same even when it’s time for its renewal. If we compare all the 3 FastComet shared hosting plans with those of the SiteGround, the FastComet plans renewals are a lot cheaper than the SiteGround expensive renewal.

The StartSmart is available for just $2.95/mo with the same renewal price which is around 70% cheaper than the SiteGround’s StartUp plan. The ScaleRight is $5.95/mo with the same renewal and it is 70% cheaper than the SiteGround’s GrowBig plan if we consider the renewal price. Last but not least, the SpeedUp plan costs $9.95/mo and has the same renewal price too which is 72% cheaper than the SiteGround’s GoGeek plan.

I am pretty much sure that this has finally brought a smile on your face. However, apart from getting a relief from paying heavy SiteGround renewal costs, you can expect a lot more than this with FastComet.

Here are some of the features of FastComet.

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With FastComet Hosting, you can rest assured of the right stability, speed, security and of course, support. Now, let’s give you a perfectly clear picture of its features.

  • Domain Free Forever (Yes, true)

  • Free CloudFlare CDN

  • Fully SSD Based Servers

  • Free daily and weekly backups & restore (SiteGround charges extra for restore on starter plans)

  • Free 24/7 Priority Support

  • 45 days money-back guarantee (compared to 30 days of SiteGround)

  • More than Seven global data center locations

  • Same Renewal Price

Aren’t the features great? Also, I tested the important aspects of the FastComet Hosting such as the ‘uptime and speed’ using my site hosted on FastComet and the results were simply stunning. Apart from that, I found a few places where FastComet has a leading edge over SiteGround.

First, you don’t really get a free domain forever with SiteGround and in case, you register a domain with SiteGround, it will charge you additionally for that.

Another big difference that I noticed in terms of the disk space; FastComet offers comparatively more disk space than SiteGround.

While free backup & restore is available only for the higher plans in SiteGround, FastComet offers it with its every plan. Also, FastComet offers more email space than SiteGround.


As a matter of fact, there is no SiteGround Renewal Coupon or Discount Code available anywhere and those of you who are looking for one, you are simply wasting your time. I completely understand how frustrating it can get sometimes when you relied on a hosting company, bought its hosting account and then, realize, all of a sudden that the renewals are just way too high.

Most importantly, by the time you realize it, you are not really in a position to cancel your hosting account right away as by then, most likely your website starts performing to a certain extent. That eventually puts one in a strange dilemma.

I received a lot of emails from many of the users asking me if there is any SiteGround Renewal promo code as the renewals have gone really up over the years. Finally, I thought it’s the right time to help more and more users break out of this dilemma.

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