FastComet Vs SiteGround Compared 3

FastComet Vs SiteGround Compared

If you are one of those people trying to figure out the exact difference between FastComet Vs SiteGround Hosting, this post can worth your while.

FastComet vs. SiteGround

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Most importantly, I tried to keep things really simple and precise in this post to help you comprehend the difference real quick. Let’s get straight to the differences now.

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1. Uptime

Uptime is certainly a factor that can never be taken lightly else the outcome can be certainly very disappointing with a tragic fall in the sales and ROI. I tested the uptime of my sites hosted on both FastComet and SiteGround for the past 6 months.

The winner of FastComet Vs SiteGround when it comes to Uptime is SiteGround

While I found the site hosted on SiteGround to be 99.99%, the uptime of the site hosted on FastComet was pretty close with 99.97%. That pretty much makes both the host a winner in terms of uptime.

2. Speed

We are all pretty much aware as to how important is the aspect of speed for a website. This is the reason that I thought I should not simply believe in the exclusive words of both the host and instead, test the speed of both the host myself and see if they really mean what they promise in terms of speed.

Out of FastComet Vs SiteGround, FastComet offers fastest loading sites.

While site hosted on SiteGround showed a response time of 344ms, the response time of my FastComet demo site was comparatively lower with just 286ms. Hence, FastComet is the clear winner when it comes to Speed.

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3.Pricing & Renewal

Needless to say, FastComet plans are a bit cheaper than that of the SiteGround. While the SiteGround startup plan is $3.95/mo, you can start with FastComet hosting for as low as $2.95/mo.

There’s another way to look at it and that is from the price range point of view. The price range in FastComet is $2.95 – $9.95 while in SiteGround, it is $3.95 – $11.95.

FastComet is the real winner of FastComet Vs SiteGround when it comes to pricing.

As far as the renewal is concerned, it is pretty high in SiteGround. On the contrary, the buying price and the renewal are forever the same in FastComet and this is where it gets an excellent leading edge over SiteGround. Here again, FastComet is the winner.

4. Free Domain Forever

This is a point worth mentioning since it can help you save a few bucks. FastComet offers you a free domain forever no matter what type of hosting plan you choose and it offers a free domain forever even with the Starter plan.

I would like to say in this SiteGround Vs FastComet post, SiteGround don’t offer free domain while FastComet offer free domain name for lifetime.

Isn’t it amazing?

However, SiteGround Hosting doesn’t have this as of yet. Hence, FastComet is the clear winner.

5. Support

Both FastComet and SiteGround Support comprise Live Chat as well as Tickets. As a matter of fact, I found the Support team of both the hosting companies to be exceptionally knowledgeable.

It’s a tie between FastComet Vs SiteGround when it comes to support since both offers top notch support, instant support through live chat and through support ticket.

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However, FastComet Support is comparatively better as there is absolutely no long waiting time and also, issues are resolved really fast. This certainly makes FastComet the winner.

I would like to conclude the FastComet Vs SiteGround post that both offers very similar performance, support but when it comes to pricing FastComet wins by which I finally conclude FastComet as the winner.

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