FastComet Vs HostGator Compared

FastComet vs HostGator is one of the most common confusions that a lot of people come across when it comes to choosing a hosting account.

FastComet vs HostGator

However, you are on the right page at the moment and this post will certainly help you break out of this confusion forever. Also, reading this post won’t take you long as it’s pretty short and simple.

So, let me walk you through the real differences of FastComet Vs HostGator.

1. Uptime

Uptime is one of such aspects that need to be dealt with utmost attention since a poor uptime can get things pretty frustrating for you sometimes and may jeopardize your sales strategies as well.

The winner of FastComet Vs HostGator when it comes to Uptime is FastComet

While the site on FastComet had an uptime 99.97%, the one hosted on HostGator had an uptime of 99.95%. Also, I have experienced a few glitches in the HostGator uptime from time. That makes FastComet the winner.

2. Speed

I noticed a huge difference in the speed between my site hosted on HostGator and that hosted on FastComet.

While the response time of my FastComet site was just 286ms, the response time of my HostGator site was 984ms. That obviously makes FastComet the winner.

Out of FastComet Vs HostGator , FastComet offers better speed.

3. Pricing & Renewal

The price range of FastComet with that of HostGator, it is $2.95 – $9.95 and $2.75 – $5.95 respectively. The HostGator price range is a little cheaper but again, it FastComet more features than HostGator such as free SSL, free SSD, and free CDN.

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FastComet is the real winner of FastComet Vs HostGator when it comes to pricing and renewal charges.

Also, it offers 8 data center locations while HostGator offers only 2. Most importantly, unlike HostGator which has pretty high renewals, FastComet has the same renewal price as the buying price of a plan. This makes FastComet the clear winner.

4.Free Domain

With FastComet Hosting, you don’t really have to buy a domain since it offers a domain for absolutely free of any charge forever.

However, HostGator doesn’t have such a brilliant offer as of yet and while writing this HostGator Vs FastComet posts, I can see HostGator offers one year free domain on higher plans. Once again, FastComet is the winner.

5. Support

Although both FastComet and HostGator Support have Live Chat as well as Tickets, the FastComet Support is by far better than the HostGator support in all sense. It has no long waiting time. Staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. It resolves issues really quick.

It’s a FastComet Win between FastComet Vs HostGator when it comes to support.


On the contrary, the HostGator Support has earned a really bad name over the years for its terribly shocking performance in all aspects. It is not reliable at all and HostGator’s users are certainly on their own. This makes FastComet the winner.

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