FastComet Vs Bluehost Compared

The first step towards a successful web hosting is obviously making the right choice of a company.

However, this is the point wherein most of the people actually get stuck with some sort of a dilemma as all the top companies seem to be equally promising. One of such confusions is the FastComet vs Bluehost.

FastComet vs Bluehost

However, if you are somewhere not able to sort out the actual differences, this post will perfectly guide you in understanding the real differences between these two top companies.


One of the most important factors of a decent web hosting is a stable uptime. Without a stable uptime, a website can never achieve success. This is the reason that I tested and compared the uptime of sites hosted on both the platforms.

Interestingly, the uptime of my site hosted on FastComet is 99.99% while the uptime of my site hosted on Bluehost is 99.99%.

Hence, both companies are clear winners when it comes to uptime.


Visitors don’t like slow loading websites and this reflects the significance of a decent page loading speed in web hosting.

When I checked the response time of sites hosted on both the platforms, I found the site hosted on FastComet with a response time of 286ms while site hosted on Bluehost had a response time of 424ms. As a matter of fact, the lesser the response time, the higher is page loading speed.

Hence, FastComet is the obvious winner here.

3.Pricing & Renewal

Bluehost plans may apparently seem to be quite reasonable and affordable but in reality, the renewals are pretty high and also, it is characterized by a lot of upsells.

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On the contrary, FastComet plans are comparatively more affordable than Bluehost.

For instance, one can start with as low as $2.95/mo while the lowest plan to start with Bluehost is $3.95/mo.

Also, the renewals are just the same as the buying price unlike Bluehost wherein the renewals are pretty high.

4.Free Domain

A free domain can certainly save you some money. However, not many companies actually offer a free domain. FastComet offers a free domain for a lifetime with its every plan.

However, BH offers a free domain only for the first year and this makes FastComet the winner.


Both Support is the best support in the industry. Both companies offer live chat and tickets support.

As per my observation is concerned, I found the FastComet Support to be more fast and friendly apart from having exceptionally knowledgeable executives.

Another huge difference that I noticed is the fact the one doesn’t have to wait long to connect with the FastComet but on the contrary, one may have to experience long waiting time in trying to connect with the Bluehost support.

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