A lot of people start a new website every day. However, there are many who are still looking for a reliable hosting company to start with.

In fact, this is the most difficult phase and we totally understand how difficult it is for a person who is completely new in the field of web hosting to choose the right hosting plan for one’s website.

Furthermore, there’s hardly any hosting company that seems to be less propitious.

FastComet Review

This is what makes it even difficult. Of course, a lot of hosting companies may claim to have 99.9% uptime, a brilliant 24X7 assistance, excellent page loading speed and more but only a few of them actually mean it and keep their promises.

FastComet is one of those few hosting companies that have maintained a brilliant track record in terms of performance, perpetual server monitoring and of course, fastest customer support.

Now, let’s get to the features in this FastComet Review.


Feature-wise, FastComet offers a pretty powerful hosting for every category of websites and that’s the reason why there’s has been a remarkable growth in the number of FastComet users over the years.

Free Domain 

With every FastComet hosting plan, a user actually gets a free domain. This is certainly a feature that you can’t expect to get with any other hosting companies.

Most importantly, it will continue to remain free as long as you use your hosting plan. This is certainly one of the important reasons that encouraged a lot of users from all over the world to try FastComet over the years.

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SSD Hosting

FastComet offers SSD based hosting and that’s the reason why users can experience an excellent page loading speed and of course, an unimaginably fast access to databases and files which is almost 300% faster than that in a non-SSD based hosting.

A fast page loading makes things pretty favorable for SEO as well. Also, it ensures that your visitors do not ever leave your site out of any page loading issue.

Daily Backups

We are no stranger to the hard work involved in getting a brilliant performance from a website and what if you lose all your contents and database all of a sudden one day? It can’t get any worse than this, right?

Probably, you would stand with your back against the wall and regret thereafter. However, with FastComet, one doesn’t even have the slightest chance of ever experiencing a data loss as FastComet offers daily backups to keep all your data safe and secure.

cPanel Powered Hosting

Even if you are totally new to web hosting, it would not really take that long for you to comprehend the way it works since the cPanel is not only the most widely used control panel but also, it is pretty easy to handle and it takes only a few minutes to attain a perfect control of your hosting account in all aspects.

It’s a single point of control of the entire hosting account.

24X7 Priority Support

Customer Support is the heart of every good hosting and this holds entirely true for FastComet. In fact, this is one of the reasons why a lot of users love FastComet. The FastComet Customer Support is undoubtedly one of the best Customer Support of the world in terms of assistance.

Each time a user gets locked away by any technical difficulty, one can easily find the right support via chat in just a few minutes. Apart from that, one can easily refer to the different video tutorials and of course, the FAQ for a better understanding. Also, the FastComet Customer Support team is pretty proficient and accurate with their solutions.

Great Transparency of Price 

Unlike many hosting companies that either charge high price for their plans and add-ons or charge high renewal price, FastComet charges the same price as published on their website with no shocking surprises.

Also, in FastComet hosting the renewal price of a hosting plan remains the same as in the time of purchase. This is certainly another big factor for its increasing popularity among the users.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

FastComet has largely proved its expertise in the field of web hosting over the years and in fact, every feature of FastComet hosting largely reflects its dedication and commitment towards its customers.

The 45 Days Money Back Guarantee is a wonderful feature that has brought about a feeling of trust and this actually encouraged a lot of customers to try FastComet hosting over the years.

Free Cloudflare CDN

The Free Cloudflare CDN is one of those powerful features that have been carefully incorporated in the FastComet Hosting to produce stunning results for the users. This is an excellent feature that actually allows the users to distribute their content around the world closer to their visitors.

Also, it helps in speeding up the website to a large extent.


The FastComet Hosting is available in three different plans; the StartSmart plan at $2.95/month, the ScaleRight plan at $5.95/month and the SpeedUp plan at $9.95/month. However, the StartSmart plan supports only a single website and if you need a hosting for running multiple websites, you could either go with the ScaleRight plan or the SpeedUp plan.

The features that all the plans have in common are SSD only servers, Let’s Encrypt, Cloudflare CDN caching, SpamExperts, Web Application Firewall, Malware Removal, Free Daily Backups, Instant chat Response, Flat renewal price and Multiple server locations.

If you look at our Black Friday Hosting Deals post, you can understand most companies offers first time discounts but charges more during renewals but FastComet is different charging same price forever.

Also, there’s an exclusive Summer sale offer going on wherein you can save 15% on shared hosting plan & location.

The Bottom Line ~ FastComet Review

It is not always easy to choose the right hosting even if you have all the essential points in mind. Also, it is not wise to simply count on the promising words of a hosting company and buy a hosting plan.

Before you actually buy a hosting plan, it is always wise to give it a try since most of the hosting companies these days offer a money back guarantee within a certain period of time.  

However, FastComet has a brilliant track record and it certainly is one of the most reliable hosting companies in the world today. Through this FastComet review, We have tested it as well and found it to be unimaginable good.